Origin Story

Dungeon Zero is about the Adventure, the Hosts and Guests vs the AI, and the Lessons we learn along the way.

Our story begins at the outbreak of Covid-19 as a convergence of sorts. Dylan and Will had been playing the occasional AI Dungeon for years and the stories have always been crazy enough to warrant recording. Dylan’s desire to explore audio production aligned with the global pandemic and served as a project for Misty to delve deep into Narration and Character VO.

Dungeon Zero episodes are produced first and foremost as a podcast series and then brought to life in Animal Crossing as full length cartoons!

Dylan Warren runs Ledbetter Production and hosts Dungeon Zero with William Monroe. Dylan makes a lot of things including All of this.

William Monroe brings years of Actual RPG know-how to his role as a host of Dungeon Zero along with wit and exasperation at the ridiculous turns of the AI.

Misty Witten Narrates and Voices the characters of Dungeon Zero bringing an integral level of world building and clarity to these adventures.

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